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Hi, I’m Vicki Love creator of Love websites and hosting, I love making websites!

I find it so enjoyable to work closely with my clients to develop a relationship so I can truly understand your vision.

Sometimes creating a website can feel like a massive undertaking and somewhat daunting.

So let me help, I want to make the process of creating a website as easy and enjoyable as possible, When you invest in a website with me it’s the beginning of a fun collaborative experience that will turn your website from a dream and make it a reality!

Why Choose Love Websites and Hosting?

All my websites are built using WordPress – the leading content management system (CMS) which powers over one-third of the top ten million websites in the world (big and small).  With a WordPress website, you can add and edit the content yourself – saving you valuable time, and providing you with the choice and independence to do it all yourself. If doing it yourself doesn’t appeal I offer managed hosting plans from as little as £6 a month, with managed hosting I update, back up, and manage your site for you, what could be better?

All my sites are Mobile responsive, SEO optimized and designed with you in mind. Click Here to view my recent Projects.


What's your inspiration? what do you want your website to say? Together we can find out.


Collaboration is key, I strive to create an environment where your voice is heard.


The most important part is to create a design that showcases you and your amazing work.

The Process


We start with a phone call or email exchange, we get to know each other and I find out with you want from your site, what look and feel you want, how many pages, and lovely things like that. you’ll also need a domain if you don’t have one already I recommend Namecheap.


I then send you a mock-up, a wireframe of how the site will look, this is when we can edit, add and move things around really get a feel for what you’re looking for.

Copy & Images

You then send me the copy which is all the lovely things you want to say about you and your business. You also send me lots of photos and images. Basically, you send me everything you want the world to see.


I then create the site I bring everything together and make the magic happen!


We then have another consultation to fine-tune your site.


And we’re done! Just like that! You have your website! You are now ready to show the world what you can do! How exciting and how easy was that!

So now you know what the process looks like! You can see that you play an important role in the creation of your site. Together we can create something so wonderful!

Websites start from £350 for a simple 3-page site and then £100 for any additional pages. I can also include 3 months of free hosting.
Please contact me to discuss your site and to get a quote.
I also offer flexible payments


For any Enquiries.

 07972 75 75 75